Shooting our campaign with ourselves as models?

A letter from 10 to 10 creative directors.

When we say our first collection and brand concept design are developed as a “conversation” between the both of us; a conversation about how we see each other, about our own concerns, our own body insecurities and our desire to gracefully embrace all kinds of silhouettes, made ourselves take a step forward out of our comfort zone and put ourselves in front of the camera.

If we were about to invite other women to take part in our conversation, should it not be us wearing and showing all the pieces we designed to fit different body shapes? So, we decided to take the risk. When shaping the art direction for our shooting campaign, we thought about our own reflections in the mirror, a mirror game to help us to conceptualize the idea of contemplating ourselves and to reflect our commitment with a more inclusive design conceived for woman of different ages, shapes and styles, aiming to make them all feel special.

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