Two months of 10 to 10

It´s been a hectic time since we´ve launched our brand, just two months ago.

It´s almost incredible to think all that have passed in only 60 days. We are overwhelmed, but in a good way.

We received an amazing and emotional feedback from our friends and customers, comments that made us feel we started to achieve exactly what we got in our minds when started our project: celebrating women, dressing them and make them feel stronger, self-confident and beautiful.

For the first shooting campaign and the website launching, we put ourselves in front of the camera as part of our concept design and as a tool to spread the message we want to tell.

Soon after, we received friends and public in a two days Pop-Up event we celebrated at Florida, in Porto. There, we started to interact with all kind of women, different styles, different countries, different backgrounds and we were amazed with the response we received. The smile we saw in their faces when they tried on the pieces in which we were working for a whole year made our days.

Happy with the experience, we wanted to repeat it in Lisbon. There, Juliana Bezerra received us with open arms in her gorgeous atelier in Restelo. And once again the feedback was great.

We love to chat with our customers, to explain them which is our vision, our concept and what we would like to do in the near future.

Back from Lisbon we were surprised with an invitation by Catarina and Francisca to take part in Um dia no Mercado that would take part at the brand new Marcado do Bolhao, and how could we say “no” to that invitation?! Again, a marvelous feedback, the appreciation we could feel from our customers and visitors was gratifying.


In two months on the road, there are women wearing our pieces in seven different countries. It is the beginning. We have a vision, we are drafting the plan to develop the kind of project we have in our minds and our souls to share with all of you.


Thank you for your support!


Alejandra & Sandra


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